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Batmobile Experience

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  • 1. Engine

    WayneTech hybrid power cell with jet turbine
    Horsepower: 1200 bhp
    Top speed: 240 mph without afterburner

  • 2. Afterburner

    Fuel type: Nitro methane
    Raises maximum speed threshold by 30%
    Temperature at vent: 1100 °C

  • 3. Cockpit

    Electromagnetic ejector seat
    Enhanced intel and recon capabilities
    Ai and remote guidance systems

  • 4. Immobilizer Missiles

    Payload: 5gm high explosive cl-20/hmx cocrystal
    Warhead: 2.75 in (70 mm)
    Guidance: Laser/infrared homing

  • 5. Wheels

    Material: Advanced synthetic fibre composite
    Diameter: 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m)
    Advanced all terrain traction technology

  • 6. Containment Unit

    Purpose: Passenger transport
    Space: 2 Seats
    Resistant to kinetic forces exceeding 4,500 lb/sq in

  • 7. Air Brakes with regenerative energy mechanism

    Materials: Graphene composite
    Actuator: High speed hydraulic cylinder
    Stopping distance reduction: 78%

  • 1. Armor Plating

    Thickness: 120mm at thickest point
    Material: Carbon nanotube aggregate
    Blast resistance: Explosive reactive armor around cockpit

  • 2. Vulcan Cannon

    Ammunition gauge: 25mm
    Length: 1.8 meters
    Purpose: Anti-tank and surface to air combat

  • 3. Anti-Tank Armament

    Ammunition type: 30mm high explosive penetrator shells
    Muzzle velocity: 1,680 meters per second
    Estimated to penetrate 820 mm of steel armor at point blank range

  • 4. Riot Suppressor

    Ammunition: Non-lethal slam rounds
    Slam rounds: Flexible plastic casing filled with 50 grams of rubber pellets
    Designed to deliver minimum long-term trauma & render combatant immobile

  • 5. Electroshock Defense

    Voltage: 200 - 300 kv range
    Delivery: Front and rear conductor rods
    Purpose: Propel combatant

  • 6. Gyroscopic Wheels

    Hydraulic arm-mounted
    Capable of 360 lateral spin for combat manoeuvring
    Bullet proof synthetic fibres

  • 7. Winch

    Multipurpose grapple claw
    Range: 60m
    Weight supported: 2.2 t

  • 1. Engine Armor Plating
  • 2. Afterburner Vulcan Cannon
  • 3. Cockpit Anti-Tank Armament
  • 4. Immobilizer Missiles Riot Suppressor
  • 5. Wheels Electroshock Defense
  • 6. Containment Unit Gyroscopic Wheels
  • 7. Air Brakes Winch

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