2Advanced - Version 4
Space pods, Ninjas, Explosions....What else would you want out of a site? Ironically I was handed a homepage design 4 days before the announced launch date of this site and told to "finish it". Over the next 4 days I designed, developed and animated the rest of the site and ended up staying up the last 56 straight hours to launch the site.(FML) Upon launch the servers crashed, no one could view the site, some people loved it, others hated it and everyone had a party which I did not attend instead choosing to sleep. Fun Times...
Role: Design, Animation, Actionscript
Agency: Created at 2Advanced
Year: 2003
2Advanced - Expedition 01 Wallpaper 2Advanced - Version 4 2Advanced - Version 4 2Advanced - Version 4 2Advanced - Expedition 02 Wallpaper